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Welcome to planet nemo

Please to be enjoying your stay?

14 April 1975
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I'll could tell you everything there is to know about me, but it would take some time. The summary version is that I was born at a very early age (or so I am told), and have been growing older ever since.

I live, I eat, I breathe. Other expected stuff.

Unexpectedly, I invent. I play. I dance and sing. I laugh and I stroll merrily along the foreshore. There is much laughter and enjoyment to be had, and I intend to have had it all once I'm done. I'll live to be a hundred and nine, and I'll enjoy every last damn minute of it. (I'll also enjoy the undamned minutes. Just see if I don't!)


Network Enhanced Macro-Organism

Crossing the fine line between feelings-devoid-of-context and context-devoid-of-feelings on the internet since 1993.

Welcome to the soundtrack of my life.

If you see my shadow and you see it's fading fast     
You must try to catch it for the moment will not last 
And if you look down deep, you will see within my soul
Madness and serenity, fighting for control            


Polyhugslut is.
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