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...and then I had a weekend like this... - Welcome to planet nemo

About ...and then I had a weekend like this...

Previous Entry ...and then I had a weekend like this... Jun. 29th, 2009 @ 12:47 pm Next Entry
Dateline: Saturday 27th June. 2009
Location: Brisbane.

Saturday I had a nice lazy day, which ended with a frantic organisation to get into the city in time to see an evening movie with some friends before heading to a birthday party. Turns out that when someone says 'movie sunday', they don't mean saturday. Even odder, in at least one of my responses I typed "sunday" back to them, but I still thought it was saturday. The upshot of all this was that I had an hour to kill in the city before making it to the birthday party NOT late afterall. And so I wandered along the pretty cliffs and found photo people - and now have a photo club contact to followup on.  Also, I crashed a birthday party at the bottom of the cliffs and found fireys. A cute guy doing some neat isolation work, and a girl with a 8spoke hoop which I wasn't game to twirl in given I was a little bit dressed up.

I also decided that this looked like a highly viable spot for Novemberfest. More investigation will ensue.

The party - Anita's 30th, was a blaze of OMG cupcakes and shiny lights. Joe and I didn't start any world domination plans this time, but we DID decide that a stethoscope is the BEST party toy ever, and I now NEED one. Someone get me a stethoscope. STAT! In totally unrelated news, I invented a new way of playing guitar - by using a stethoscope as the slide. It's SO COOL. (PS: I need a stethoscope. Did I mention that?)

Dateline: Sunday 28th June. 2009
Location: Still Brisbane

Sunday was a day of an entirely different colour, which started with a market. Followed by a market, and then to round off the mid afternoon - a market. Or, as JT and I had organised - a MARKET CRAWL! It's like a pub crawl, but has more funny hats, fudge, lemonade and nail polish. I felt a little obliged to go since I'd more or less encouraged JT to organise this particular shindig, and organise he did. JT, Elizabeth (seriously: nobody else is allowed to enter my social circle with this name, I 've run out of unique identifying nicknames for you all), kokopops (if anyone else in this group has a LJ, I don't know about it), Claire and Michael all joined forces to smell tasty soap at Riverside Markets. Soap which, by the smell, could have been fudge. But wasn't.

The bread sticks and chocolate croissant though - that made for acceptable fudge alternatives before we left this market behind us and made our way over the river to find Southbank Markets. And find them we did. I set forth the great quest for fudge in motion, and after a long and arduous search of stalls, we found some approximately 7 seconds later. It was a bit of a let down, but fudge was had. I would like to note that The Fudge People in canberra have nothing to fear from these guys, but it was better than naught.

The end of lunch and circus tricks made for nice, and we hopped the train to see if we could find the valley markets before they closed up.


Some of our number proved themselves to be GIRLS by being mugged by a small asian woman with nail designs, and left some small number of dollars poorer, but pretty patterns richer, so I guess the trade was fair. There was MUCH shiny, but some people have no taste and think blingy stars are so much better than subtle gold and bronze disks.

Finally, our numbers diminishing, goodbyes were said at the train stop (where, after approx 10 minutes of throwing the tribble to myself, the security guard who had been 3metres away the whole time finally told me I couldn't do that), and the Crawl was called a success.

This was followed up by a wander through some more gardens where kokopops and I found water pumps that worked, bouncy swings that tried to make us motion sick, and a perfect paper plane picnic position.

Next up, in my full and hectic day, firetwirling! Well, almost, but not quite. A meetup of a few fire interested people for the sake of practice so that we can make it into The Abbey to perform in the Dance Macabre. So some people didn't show, but JB, Olivia and I at least proved that we have what it takes.

Finally, to a friends place for pumpkin quiche and job application first drafting. (yeah, I sure know how to party late into the weekend. WRITE THAT JOB APP! YEAH! (this works best with DOOF DOOF music in the background btw. And a disco ball)

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is how one has a most excellent weekend.

( ....and to top it all off, nobody had a flame war in my LJ from this post :P  )

Examine my head and find me basically...: happyhappy
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Date:June 30th, 2009 08:55 am (UTC)
Damn, is this flame war never going to start?

Let me see now.

I know.

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Date:July 1st, 2009 03:28 am (UTC)
no! Perth is better than both of them! :P
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Date:July 1st, 2009 12:41 pm (UTC)
Now I want churros from the markets. And a fire hoop. twirly.
I comment because I can. Shiney new smart phone. 1st comment.
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