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Welcome to planet nemo

About Please to be enjoying your stay?

I continue to still exist Aug. 14th, 2015 @ 10:02 pm
Evidence to the contrary is wrong.

I still exist Jan. 20th, 2014 @ 05:25 pm
Existing is a thing I still do.

...and then I had a weekend like this... Jun. 29th, 2009 @ 12:47 pm
Dateline: Saturday 27th June. 2009
Location: Brisbane.

Saturday I had a nice lazy day, which ended...Collapse )

Dateline: Sunday 28th June. 2009
Location: Still Brisbane

Sunday was a day of an entirely different colour, which started with a market. Followed by a market, and then to round off the mid afternoon - a market. Or, as JT and I had organised - a market crawl!Collapse )

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is how one has a most excellent weekend.

PSCollapse )

Examine my head and find me basically...: happyhappy

moving stories Jun. 27th, 2009 @ 01:04 am
Why I left Canberra
By Nemo. Age 34 and a bit.

I was born in Canberra. Grew up in the region. 33 years later, I was still there. I have a familiarity with the place. I love Canberra.

...but...Collapse )

So I started talking very quietly to a few friends about the idea shortly after returning from Europe holiday. Though I think even then I’d been thinking about it for a while...

Why I chose Brisbane
Also by Nemo. Still 34 and a bit.

So while I needed a change, I didn’t need to deny my past. I needed a balance of familiarity and freshness. I needed somewhere bigger, but somewhere I would find comfortable.

...and then...Collapse )

So was it the right thing to do? Most definitely.

I have no regrets at all.
Examine my head and find me basically...: thoughtfulthoughtful

music mix june 2009 Jun. 25th, 2009 @ 12:15 am
this is the mix of albums I just cleared off my ipod (shuffle). It has made a pretty good mix, so I'm sharing for posterity.

Gotye - Like Drawing Blood
Tricky - Maxinquaye
Tool - Lateralus
The Cat Empire - The Cat Empire
The B-52s - Cosmic Thing
Sky - Sky 4: Forthcoming
Rob Dougan - Furious Angels
Radiohead - OK Computer
Oingo Boingo - Best O' Boingo
Infected Mushrooms - Vicious Delicious
Moya Brennan - Maire
Julian Lennon - Help Yourself

Hello, Brisbane! Jun. 22nd, 2009 @ 02:03 am
It has been a long time between regular LJ posts. To be honest, I don't really see this post changing that trend. But with FB gone for me, this is the place to write. Besides, this is a better place for a thoughtful post anyway, than the microblogs encouraged by FB, twitter, etc.

I want to write about solstice. About music. Over this last weekend I had thought to compose a long entry - about solstice festivals - about how somehow I get picked as the last moment fire-torch bearer to light the bonfire, even though I wasn't part of the firetorch parade. Maybe it's just a firey vibe I give off? (Maybe the girl just thought I was cute?)

About dancing to drums around an exploding fire, arguably through the lightest of rain, though it was not noticed till we stopped. Heat scorching my face and body, but not stopping. Being recognised as the guy meditating on the seat at the bus stop from half a day earlier and half a city away, but not stopping.

I took it as a celebration not only of the sun, but as a personal welcoming-Nemo-to-brisbane ceremony. Nobody else there knew it, but it wasn't important that they did. I may have made some new friends that night. I wont know till I meet them again. Till I recognise them as no-longer new faces.

I want to write about music. A global and free music festival. Dancing in the street to marimba maestros. Calmed by excellent amateur choir in a gorgeous church. Sitting on the banks of the river for the moment of solstice, fragments of rainbows appearing out of nowhere from the grey sky to make us smile, and rock drifting over the water. Stopping to be unexpectantly entranced by an excellent pub band in the street, and then a talented young duo in the lobby of the gorgeous old theatre.

I could even write about the amazingness that is the discovery of chocolate+cherry+date sourdough loaf. WOW.

But mostly I really just want to thank kokopops for introducing me to this city anew. To people and events, and generally ensuring I'm not lonely in a city of strangers. I've been here 6 weeks now, and this place is home. Thankyou.

I want to wish everyone a happy solstice, may the planet keep turning on it's axis for you. May smiles keep coming your way...
Current Location: home
Examine my head and find me basically...: happyhappy
Other entries
» social update
fyi: facebook have disabled my account for reasons unexplained. (violated terms and conditions? wtf?)

I have a new twitter: http://twitter.com/nemothorx

I am going to assume that any readers of my LJ are familiar with Novemberfest by now, so I'm just going to say:
29th November, Lunch, park behind the paddleboat hire on lake BJ.

If you don't know of Novemberfest, a quick primer is on my wiki here:  http://wiki.thorx.net/wiki/NovemberFest

There is a facebook event for it too.

Come one, come all! Bring games, friends, foods, more friends. yay! 
» promoting the awesome
This is a bit of blatant link sharing from a project I'm background involved in. It's new and has great potential - what it needs now is awesome people being involved...


We're lookig for user-generated videos, so sign up, get involved... or at the least, check it out now, and again later :)

» looking for new housemate...
I'll make this post short, brief, as undivergant from the topic as possible, straightforward, straighttalking, non-distractive, free of lolcats, and otherwise clear of banananas

My housemate is moving out in two weeks, so the master bedroom is available, for $140/wk, as of 20th September.

A refresher: Blacket St. Downer. All but across the road from the Dickson Shops.

So I'd like someone to move in as close to the 20th as possible... so if you or someone you know is looking for a place to live, and the Canberran inner north is an option, drop me a line.

* earthnative [at] gmail [dot] com
* ph: 0410 491 539

(so how was that? I didn't add too much extraneous blather did I?)
» lego...
ok, so to cut a long story short, this has MADE MY WEEK. OMG and SQUEE and EXCLAMATION OF JOY.


And not just cos it's cool. But cos seeing this in 1990ish on Eat Carpet was a defining memory. I didn't even see all of it then, didn't know what it was called, have idly wondered if it's on the net in the years since but never before encountered it before now.

My memory of the story is a tad spotty, but really, what are you still doing reading this. Go download it already! 90meg for the highres version.

Is it worth it? oh hell yes.
» All your WYD protest are...
I regret nothing.

Amongst the things I don't regret is sending a joke banner to a friend...

So who was I to know she'd run with it? Check out the full details here about how you CAN sponsor a lion...

» Scuba duba doo?
Hey there all. Anyone want to learn to Scuba dive?

I ask because for June (when I plan to go), there is a $130 saving per person if I get another in :)

yay! Save money and scuba awesome =D
» while we're on the subject...
Yes, I think that is it.
» Grindhouse, Tuesday 15th
OK so last weeks Dendy email said this week in Canberra.

This week on wednesday they sent email saying it was in Sydney, and the times on the website were updated to also say sydney, still.

Then _today_ they update their site to say Canberra...

So, turns out Grindhouse is in Canberra this week afterall.

Solution to the movie timetabling dilemma?

I'm going to see Grindhouse too!

On Tuesday 15th - which is Dendy cheap movie night! ($9)

The session time for that is 6pm so be there early!

So I don't expect people to come to both movies for my birthday (but come see both of them if you want to of course!), but I'll be at both for birthday/social catchup type stuff. :)

PS: will sms this out tomorrow too.

PPS: before this confusion, I bought some Dendy moviemoney tix... with the $9 grindhouse tuesday, I expect more than I planned for will be redundant... so if anyone wants to pick some up for future proofing movie trips, let me know anytime :)
» This is the invite...
My birthday is the reason

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead is the movie

This is the link to the blurb: http://www.dendy.com.au/moviedetail.asp?Mov_ID=M1377

Saturday 12th April at 7pm is the session time - so be there suitably early if you're coming (and I hope you do!)

$10 is the cost

Dendy is the place


and If you're wanting to see Grindhouse instead, that's cool... let me know cos I'm definately seeing that too when it gets here :)
» (No Subject)
ok, so Dendy has renegged on their email promise, and is holding Grindhouse hostage in Sydney for another week (at least?!) ... I guess it's proving popular.

So, suggestions for alternatives? I'm thinking the Spiderwick Chronicles, Lars and the Real Girl, or Before the Devil Knows You're Dead... all of which start around the 7pmish time on saturday.


» on communications
oh neat, there is a LJ chat thingo. Go Jabber. :)

This means LJ has some continuing relevant in my electronic communications, since as previously noted I prefer to no longer broadcast my personal life bluntly via social websites (LJ/Myspace/facebook/etc).

Instead (and I thought I'd mentioned this here before, but apparently not really) I'm more than happy to chat using various real-time IM methods; msn/irc/jabber (gtalk/LJchat) or email. There are lots of ways to contact me

So, to summarise...
* Messages suitable for broadcast announcements will still be made here, but not much else.
* To find out about me, my life, how I'm doing, etc, don't expect to get to read about it in a broadcast-based online medium.

To summarise the summary
* Nemo dislikes social websites

To summarise the summary of the summary
* People are a problem Impersonal communication is the problem

To categorise the summary of the summary of the summary
* This joke ripped off from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
» it's invitational
Why? Cos I'm 33 (for those keeping score, that's .33C, or almost third of the way to lightspeed)
When? Saturday the 12th of April
What? Grindhouse at Dendy, approx 7pm, pending session time releases.
Who? You, and people you bring
How much? I'll buy $10 movie moneys for people if I know a few days ahead of time.

yay! hehehe
» time capsule
A few years ago I opened an old, then created and sealed a new timecapsule. (see here)

For reasons which can be best summed up as 'I know more and different people now', (plus I like the number 33), I'm calling out for contributions to a new layer to the existing capsule.

(incidentally, adding a layer every few years is an idea I toyed with back in 2005 actually, but only following through now... a layer per-3-years seems about right at the moment)

The layer will be sealed around the existing one, just as a manilla folder - so letter-sized contributions are best if you're thinking of dropping anything to me.

The vague timeframe at the moment is 'by my birthday, thanks' (8 weeks away), but if I know you're planning something and might be a bit late, let me know - I'm not holding myself to a strict deadline just now


"A man is the sum of his memories, you know, a Time Lord even more so."
--The Doctor (The Five Doctors)
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