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dear lazy web. epiphany vs firefox vs galeon Feb. 11th, 2008 @ 06:02 pm
ok, so I have been using galeon as my primary web browser for years. Small, efficient on memory, and a few tiny features I love which just make it all so much nicer.

firefox seems to have caught up most of the features (like session saving) I like, and a few of the tiny features (you can reorder tabs now. omg wow).

But in the last few days I've been testing epiphany and firefox a bit (long story why I'm not using galeon at moment, suffice to say 'flash sucks')

So, epiphany is nicely galeon-like in most ways. Has the 'small and efficient' thing going, and some of the same nice touches from galeon (from which it forked anyway).

So firefox is nicely featureful, with extensions (yay firebug) offering the promise of neatness beyond what I'm used to. Assuming it can handle 60 pages in a session sanely (I've not yet tested that...), then I have to concede it's efficient enough on memory too.

There is one feature galeon does 'right' (imho of course) that firefox gets half wrong, and in epiphany you have to get into gconf just to get it firefox-like half-wrong.

MIddle-click-on-page when there is a URL in the clipboard. (that is, not clicking on a link, just on an empty spot on the page)

In firefox, it loads that URL in the current tab. ie, it acts in the 'traditional unix' mouse style of middle-click = paste.
In galeon, it loads that URL in a *new* tab. ie, it acts as a hybrid of both paste (ala firefox), and also the traditional unix-web-browser behaviour of new-window/tab when middle clicking.

This is a feature that I use extremely often in galeon. (usually pasting URLs from irc, or from unlinked URLs on pages).

I have looked, and have failed to find an extension for firefox which does this. Has anyone come across a more esoteric extension sitting deeper than I have looked?

While here, that *do* people recommend as firefox extensions, and why?

Examine my head and find me basically...: geeky

roflmonster Feb. 9th, 2008 @ 08:08 pm
It's a funny page with some good examples...


But I can't say I agree with the winning image at all. This one is much better!

(arguablly nsfw)

Feb. 9th, 2008 @ 12:04 pm
oops, late reminder.

Torchwood tonight for anyone interested.

The season is a few episodes in, so probably two episodes tonight - from about 7.

Please buzz me if you're interested :)

(I'll also send a few SMSs out, though my day is looking hectic!

dear society, you have been tested and found to be fucked up Jan. 20th, 2008 @ 01:06 am
ok, I don't get it.

* would people *prefer* a mass impersonal broadcast invite to things (ala livejournal, myspace, facebook) than a direct SMS?

* if I invite you to something and *SPECIFICALLY* ask for a yay/nay response because I'm concerned about space, is it more polite to [a] respond (even if you can't give me a direct answer), or [b] not respond at all?

...I think I've spent most of thisevening not realising how annoyed I am about this. A response rate to sms invites of approximately 2% (and that is over the last 12 months, not just now) is pretty shocking people.
Examine my head and find me basically...: pissed offpissed off

que sera sera Jan. 12th, 2008 @ 05:06 pm
Eliza has a little sister!

Now I just need a name for her.

Nov. 29th, 2007 @ 12:22 am
LJ post part the first
I hereby remind you all about Novemberfest this saturday. :)

LJ post part the second
No, I haven't posted much on here lately. I've pretty much given up on social websites at the moment, though I've just resurrected my wiki instead. I'll put stuff there as it occurs to me, and it has an RSS feed. More ideas than personal-life-journal based however. Contributions and discussion on any and all topics welcome.

THere have been a few posts I've meant to make over this last year - but for the most part irrelevant so by the time I get to a computer, I don't bother. *shrugs* The tale of the movie someone in the Czech republic sent to my PO box, anonymously, but with a note "Forgive me", is probably the most entertaining of the lost LJ posts anyway. And I've just gone and summed up the relevant points there anyway.

LJ post part the third
No, not really.

LJ post part the fourth
yeah, etc.
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» the festivities of the years end
oooh ah! a post!

It's that time again! End of spring, time for festivities.


For the URL inclined, http://www.thorx.net/wiki/NovemberFest

This year due to an election party in melbourne, it's been shifted forward one week from it's traditional 'last saturday in november'. So December 1, Black Mountain Peninsula. Bring a picnic/bbq lunch and games. It's Novemberfestivities time!

Everyone is welcome, and pass this one.

...and I really can't think of anything else to add... just...
Time to DANCE! =D
» distraction
so to distract me, I conveniently won myself an ipod.

Kinda neat that.

so, uh, lazyweb. What talks to an ipod best under linux? I'm leaning towards rhythmbox myself, assuming it can import my music library without crashing again...
» (No Subject)
I just discovered the origin of the Mah Na Mah Na sketch...

I'm glad the muppets didn't re-use the original sauna setting...
» re: 14 May 2007
This is a big warm *hugs* to everyone in internet land who had a below average yesterday.

It has seemed to me that it was a craptacularly bad day for some people. I hope it was nothing more than this bit of the universe having a 24hour bug, and nothing longer lasting.
» Recursive Melbourne review
So. Melbourne is good. Comedy is funny. Chocolate is tasty. Markets are fun. People are cool (& nifty).

For more info see vegetus
» The story of April so far

April has felt like a busy month. Stuff has happened. 

Finally, that mention of birthday... well, it's true. I am now officially almost infinity years old. So, to celebrate, I hereby invite everyone out to see Death of a President at Dendy Civic), Saturday 21st April at the 5:10pm session (meet at 4:30pm people). It'll be preceeded by a couple of episodes of Life on Mars season2, and followed by a hot tasty drinks/snacks sit down at a cafe/venue of our collective choosing.

Hope to see you there! If you let me know you can make it before friday morning, I can organise $10 tickets for you. :)

And with that, dear reader, is about the end of it. ... this message brought to you by the letter yum, and the number bold.


» my house...
so my not-girlfriend and I are about to snuggle up and sneak another Life on Mars episode ahead...

...when one of my cute 18year old female housemates races down the stairs and past us to her room, pursued by the OTHER cute 18year old female housemate I have, who is waving underwear at the first.

You may all be intensely jealous now. (I have the oddest housemates ;)

Of course, they repeated this a minute or two later, in the other order, but this time with cheese. That was a little more odd.
» Hot Fuzz

It's a movie...
...it's new

And it's funny.

Open invite to see it with [info]vegetus and I and some other folk are off to see it in Belconnen, at the 6:50pm session, sunday the 18th. :)

Movie money ticket prices available if you can confirm by tomorrow (fri) lunch to vegetus or I that you're confirmed as coming along!

» on why leaf blowers SUCK
I just finally read this link (thanks to thristian) ...it's definately an interesting read... 

But I'm not writing about that. I'm writing about my leaf blower thoughts. 

I'm railing against a stereotype here, let's see how they look. The cast is of one, the everyman suburbanite of indeterminate age between 25 and 50, not as fit as he could be, doesn't feel there is enough time in the day to fit everything in...

And then the trees and vines get hailed on and drop a ton of leaves whcih then start to get walked into the house. How to fix? Remove the leaves. Now they could be swept/raked away, but that takes time - too much time for Mr E. Man! Fortunately, leaf blowers were invented. So for the sake of a few minutes time saved (SO important), and energy conserved, the driveway is clean. 

This gives Mr man extra time to go down the gym he's probably paying membership for, just to keep fit... 

So I'm wondering what the saving was, really?

One environmentally unfriendly (esp compared to a nice broom) leaf blower = reduced exercise, and *wastes* time because Mr man still has to spend extra time visiting the gym for that all important exercise. Bet he wonders why he has no time - and why when he gives up the gym (I bet he would before giving up the cushy and fun leaf blowing gig), he ends up even less fit than before. Sadly, he's probably not thought about environmental impacts at all. 

Now I'm not saying all leaf blowing is bad. I'm just saying there are things which appear on the surface to be beneficial and useful, but really are just a whole lot of wank. (ok, so that's not exactly a news-breaking epiphany, but I liked the imagery, and wanted to share it :)

Speaking of sharing, I'm slowly setting up my new site... so thoughts on what I should do with it appreciated. (there is a poll. oooh!)
» it was THIS big...
Tonight has been magical...

Just before nine I noticed thunder and lightning approaching...

At nine I was sitting on the driveway. Stars and luna behind me in a crystal clear sky, illuminating the clouds in front... heavy with storm, and frequently showing the world flashes of inspiration...

Then [info]vegetus called, and together we went storm watching. By 10 we were on Ainslie, camera in hand, watching nature roll in, putting on a hell of a show.

We weren't the only ones storm watching, and not the only ones taking photos. There were plenty of oohs and aaahs (and not just from me!) at some of the more awesome strikes.

We watched the storm seemingly not move from behind Black Mountain, to suddenly be sweeping past Parliament House, and towards us. That was our cue to leave. By the time we got to the bottom of Ainslie, it just started to splat big heavy drops. By the time we reached the turnoff to Cobby St it was hailing visibly, and heavily enough that I wanted shelter for Eliza. By the time Campbellhouse was reached, it was bucketing down... a quick movement of stuff in the Garage (thankyou again Vegetus :), and I think Eliza escaped hail damage. Stones the size of peach stones... and not unlike the same shape too...

That's the largest hail I've personally seen in Canberra. Taking vegetus home and we noticed plenty of foilage lining the streets. ENough hail to knock it all down, not enough followup rain to wash it away. And now, hours after the hail has finished, the backyard is still covered, and some will be evident in the morning I'll warrant...

My evening got less done than I planned. But it was so much more beautiful than I expected it to be. ...and we should have funky photos too. :D
» omg wtf comedy!
I'll make this short, sweet, to the point, funny, melodramatic and moving. All except those last two, and if I don't get on with it, wipe the 'short' off the list too...

Dylan Moran in Canberra

When: Fri May 4, 7:30pm
Where: Canberra theatre
Cost $49

vegetus is booking tickets on thursday, so let her or I know by then. Money needed this week if you're coming.

PS: He's in on April 17 too, but no block seats available then... And you miss out on going with the wonderfull group of us.
» lifetime of observance
I have been lapse in my LJ reading, replying and updating. Life seems so busy of late...

I am writing to remind people and formally invite readers to the CampbellHouse New Years get-together and "candle cathedral". [edit: this event even has a date. Fri Feb 16 from 7:30pm]

It's a quiet evening, not a party. Bring socialness as your style.

Candle donations are needed btw, I plan to build the cathedral within the next week
» through our friends, we all of us are connected
Dear Aveline,

I have chosen to address this to you personally. I know that because of events transpired, you wont get to read this directly, but we knew people in common (more, many more than I realised previously to this week), and so through my connections to them, and their connections to you, I trust you will get this message in some form, eventually.

Aveline, I never got to know you well. We met only a few times over the years. I don't know why I never sought you out to get to know you better - except perhaps because that is simply not my way. But our circles overlapped somewhat, and those circles now grieve. My friends hurt, and so I in turn, am also hurting for and with them.

There has been such an outpouring of memory, of grief in appropriateness (I am writing this having just heard the end of Masochism Tango, to which I could not help but smile and sing along to), but most importantly, an outpouring of community. You are loved, and continue to be an important person in so many lives. You have shown a spirit of life and inspiration that will not be easily forgotten by those who know you, and now remember you.

One is not truly dead until one is forgotten.

I hope you have not left too soon, and that we have learnt the lessons of independance, of caring and of community.

May you sleep well

» beauty... is where you see it
There are moments when one feels free from one's own identification with human limitations and inadequacies. At such moments one imagines that one stands on some spot of a small planet, gazing in amazement at the cold yet profoundly moving beauty of the eternal, the unfathomable; life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution nor destiny; only Being. - Albert Einstein

I do like that quote very much... reminds me there is so much profound beauty all around (with the exception of sunflowers perhaps ;)

There are times when it all just hits me and I have to stop. Stand back. Almost physically reeling from the sensations of connectedness and beauty. I cannot help but smile to the very core of who I am.

Smile people.

And for the aussies in the audience, tomorrow is a day off. Do something out of the ordinary with it, don't just sit at home and waste it on sport! :)
(Lisa and I will be hiking Mt Kosciuszko. Yay!)
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